The Power of Jetwashing

Man cleaning street with high pressure power washer, washing stone garden paths

Winter neglect can leave your outdoor spaces covered in moss, algae and other unwanted growths. Don’t let slippery paths be your welcome back to the outdoors. Our professional Jetwashing service ensures a clean, safe and inviting environment. Benefits of our driveway and patio cleaning service: Longevity and safety: Regular maintenance enhances the lifespan and safety […]

Streamline your gutters!

Internal gutter vacuum. It is the secret to a safe home. It is a necessity for all homes to have clear gutters and downspouts. It does not have to be a time-consuming and risky chore. Our gutter vacuum service is the solution for you. What is an internal gutter vacuum? An internal gutter vacuum is […]

6 Top Tips For Cleaning Domestic Windows

Cleaning your domestic windows is one of those household chores that needs doing sooner or later. Not many people enjoy doing it as it involves working at height, manhandling heavy buckets up and down ladders, and generally getting soaked. Of course, you can’t put it off forever. Here at Pureclean Ltd, we perform domestic window […]

5 Great Benefits of Domestic Gutter Cleaning

As a homeowner, there are certain bits of household maintenance that you need to attend to throughout the year. This includes everything from checking your roof for cracked and missing tiles to making sure your boiler is in good working order. One job that often gets overlooked (perhaps because it’s out of sight most of […]

Domestic Window Cleaning

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