Professional Roof Cleaning Liverpool And Moss Removal

Roof Cleaning Liverpool & Moss Removal Liverpool

Roof cleaning cleaning and moss removal in liverpool are two of our core services. Good old british weather is the ideal climate for moss, lichen and other nasties to grow on and take over the roof of your house or business premises.

Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Clearing the moss from your roof doesn’t just make your property look nicer. It can extend the life of your roof by years because over time moss can damage tiles so having your roof cleaned is a very cost effective way of maintaining your roof without the massive cost of replacing it. Having a clean roof will also add value to your property.

How We Do It

Depending on the height of the building we can use anything from a ladder to a scaffold tower to a cherry picker. First of all our experienced staff will very gently scrape the moss and anything else growing off your roof. This ensures there is no damage done to your tiles. Then a special eco friendly biocide is sprayed. The specialist biocide takes a few weeks to eat away at any remaining moss spores and fully ensures they don’t grow back for years to come.

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Here’s What One Happy Client In Liverpool Had To Say About Our RoofCleaning Service.

The roof of my house was absolutley caked in moss and looked awful. I can safely say it now looks like a new roof. Every bit of moss is gone and the chemical sprayed on there makes it look better and better as time goes on. A great local company who i will be telling everyone about.
Liz Moody, Liverpool

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