Terms and Conditions of Pure Clean

By using our services, you agree to our terms and conditions of business.

Our Initial Visit

We charge double of what your window cleaning will cost on the initial clean. This is mandatory and we do this to perform a deeper clean and get the service up to standard to maintain going forward. From the date of your direct debit being activated, we will be around within 7 days’ time to complete your initial clean.

What Can I Expect

On all our cleans, we operate with a pure water system. This modernised system of window cleaning is effective at removing the natural build-up of dirt from the glass, UPVC surrounding and rubbers within the frames.

Any builders residue (plaster, k rend, concrete, paint etc), stickers or adhesive materials, rust or UV bleaching of the window frames and sills will not be effectively removed by pure water alone. Please notify and make us aware if there is any of the above on your glass or frames, and we use specially formulated products to help try remove them.

Frequency Of Cleaning

We operate on a 4 or 8 weekly schedule. We ask for flexibility on time as external factors can slightly alter the dates. After your initial clean, we add you to our regular rounds for your area, and depending on the schedule, this may be a week or 2 between the agreed frequency. After your second clean, it will always be 4 or 8 weeks between the agreed frequency.

We complete all our cleans by a weekly schedule, meaning we may be in your area on the 2nd week of the month or the last week of the month. Please request this information if needed.


Please make sure that the area around the house is free from debris and animal excrement. In the case that this happens, our cleaners will provide photographic evidence to show we cannot clean where the area is obstructed and may clean the front windows only. We reserve the right to take full payment.

Weather Instances and Periods

We clean all year round. All our cleaners are salaried, and we do not halt any cleaning during any time of the year. We clean in all weather conditions and rain does not affect purified water. Unless there is a high risk of wind or weather warnings (which we monitor daily) and the conditions become unsafe for us, we will still be on schedule to clean your windows. If we call the day off, we will notify you of this and return the next working day. We reserve the right to alter the day.

Turning Us Away

For us to provide a transparent and reliable service for all our customers, we also ask for the customer to be reliable with us. We reserve the right to charge you full price if the clean is cancelled on the day as we have taken time to organise your clean in the schedule for our cleaners. We also reserve the right to charge full price if access has not been made available by the customer.

Ending Our Services

If for any reason you wish to cancel our services, you have the right to do so at any time. This can be done by calling our office on 01704863424 or emailing us at info@pure-cleanltd.com. However, by using our services, you agree to a minimum of 3 cleans. If you cancel before the 3 clean have taken place, we reserve the right to be paid for the remaining cleans.


On all our cleans, we provide and uphold the highest standards for all our customers. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the clean, we have completed, you must contact us within 24 hours of the clean date. We will arrange to come back the next working day to re-clean your windows.

Please note that complaints made after 24 hours will not be re-cleaned. We operate with a no refund policy, but we will always rectify work you are not happy with free of charge, provided we are informed within 24 hours of the clean date.


All our customer information is kept on a confidential and secure database. This will never be shared or discussed with an outside individual or company, as required under the terms and conditions of the data protection act.


Customers joining our regular window cleaning rounds are required to pay only by direct debit. The direct debit provider we use is Go Cardless. On all payments, we request the funds on the same day as the clean takes place and is only collected AFTER the clean is completed. The payment is then paid out 5 to 7 days later and you will be notified via email notification.

For all one-off service such as gutter clearing, conservatory roof cleaning, jet washing etc are required to pay via cash or a bank transfer, paid on the same day as the clean is completed. If you are a current window cleaning customer with us, we can collect these payments via your direct debit.

If your payment does not process by direct debit, we reserve the right to pass on any fees incurred for the failed direct debit collection.

Domestic Window Cleaning

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